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Welcome to YOOVER.COM

Your Version. Your Privacy!

Compatible With All Devices

Yoover.com works with all mobile devices, email software and operating systems. Get the security and privacy you deserve today.

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Our simple to use Email System has all the security elements you need. We offer lifetime membership packages.

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Optimized for Privacy

We built our technoogy from the ground up with one goal in mind: PRIVACY!

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The content and context of all your communications should be private. Just like it is a Federal Crime to open a letter sent using the USPS, emails should be protected, but they are not. Large email companies give "free email" accounts and therefore own and have the right to open, emails. Yoover.com was created to protect your right to privacy.

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Bad People Out There

Current police statistics show that identity theft is one of the crimes on the rise. Bad characters intercept your communications and steal your passwords.

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They Are Feeling Your Pulse

Government agencies are very interested in knowing your pulse. Your email communications, if not secured can give them information that you should not share with them.

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They Are Labeling You

Large Internet and email companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, and others that offer free email accounts scan every word in your emails.

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Junk Mail Is Annoying and Dangerous

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited email? Well, stop that cold. With Yoover.com's advanced spam filtering system.

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YOOVER Has Great Features For You

Our focus is privacy. We built everything. From private software and infrastructure owned ENTIRELY by the company to protect our users. Free email or chat applications make money by selling your personal information to advertisers and analyzing your online behaviors and selling that knowledge to advertisers, political parties, entities and others that need to know your "sentiments".

  • Simple, Solid, Private, Secured

    Just like any other email and chatting software, just better, much better and PRIVATE. You are able to view and synchronize your emails and chats* with your smart phone, laptop, tablet and any computer. You are also able to communicate using any computer connected to the Internet.

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  • Privacy

    Your email communications, if not secured and encrypted can give them information that you should not share with them. Do you own guns? Do you have health insurance? How are you planning to vote in the next election? What motivates you and what demotivate you? Are you depressed and a candidate for prescription drugs? Protect your privacy. You have the right! !

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  • Optimized For Speed

    Your emails will be delivered to the indented recipient, without any scanning or interception by third parties at a fast speed. Make sure you don't email anyone with a Gmail, AOL or Yahoo account.

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  • Works with all devices

    Yoover.com works with any computer or mobile device. You may also use our webmail interphase from almost anywhere in the world (some countries are restricted).

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  • Anti Spam

    Not only junk mail is annoying. It is also dangerous. Electronic email can contain viruses, cookies, trojan horses and other dangerous computer data debris that can and will be used against you in many ways. A line of bad data on your computer can open your entire hard drive to the entity that placed it in your computer or mobile device.

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  • Support

    Our support team will assist you in setting up your email account and any issues you may have. Our team is also knowledgeable about security threats and can assist you.

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YOOVER.COM is The Perfect Choice for Your Email System!

Back in 2011 when we started developing our first email system, we knew that companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft were implementing highly sophisticated artificial intelligence systems to read and analyze all email communications traveling in their networks.

The hyper growth of Smart Phones has now made Text Messaging the standard for almost every person in the US. Of course all of the companies mentioned above have upgraded their systems to read text messages and harvest your information.

We knew this and the leak from Edward Snowden made us speed up our development. Today we know for a fact that government agencies and foreign hackers are monitoring our lives. We truly believe in our rights and the right to be private. Plus, the fact that we don't trust the government and companies using our information for their own purposes.

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The weak privacy laws that regulate electronic communications are easily circumvented by the companies that offer free email and chat services. By agreeing to have a "free" account, they have the right to open, read and use all communications traveling through their networks as they please. As the matter of fact, they "own" your written words, pictures, videos, & privacy. Carefully read their huge agreements and see what else they can do with your information.

What was once private communication has turned into an open stream for companies and organizations to listen to us.

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