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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Plain English Summary:

To sum it up, we won't spam you and we won't share your personally identifiable information with unrelated third parties for marketing purposes or any purposes without your permission.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise we never share your personally identifiable information with our clients. All of our projects present findings for our clients on an anonymous basis.

To execute, monitor and improve our services we use a variety of tracking methods to determine how you use Yoover.com and our clients' websites, social media profiles and applications. We aggregate that data and compare your usage with others so that we can optimize product offerings and advertisements, but we never share any of your personally identifiable information with anyone in this process.

We host data with various vendors who help deliver our services (web hosts, email service providers, web analytics, etc.) but these entities are not allowed to market to you in any way.

That's pretty much it. The full legal version follows for your reading pleasure.

Full Legal Version:

This privacy policy provides details on how we treat any personal information you may submit to us and other personally identifiable information we collect.

This privacy policy applies to the Yoover.com website, social media profiles, Facebook applications and their respective services (collectively the "Yoover.com Properties") which are fully owned and operated by Yoover.com, LLC. Please note that this policy applies only to Yoover.com, but not to the websites or social applications maintained by other companies or organizations to which we link. In addition, this policy applies only to information collected by Yoover.com through Yoover.com, and not through offline or other means.

Information we Collect

We will collect personal information about you to respond to your request for services offered through the Yoover.com Properties. We may also collect personal information from you in order to notify you about products, services, and other opportunities we think will be of interest to you from Yoover.com and our clients.

Information we collect through Yoover.com Properties may include, but is not limited to, the following:

? Facebook Profile Data: Upon request, and with your explicit permission by allowing access to the Yoover.com application on Facebook, we may collect certain data from your Facebook profile. This data will vary from time to time but may include your basic profile information, demographics, likes, your friend connections and similar demographic and likes data for your friends.

? Other Social Media Profile Data: We may also collect data from other social media websites, applications and platforms.

? Responses to Survey Questions: Most Yoover.com Properties will request various responses to survey questions.

? Other Contact Information: If you choose to register on one of our Yoover.com Properties, we may request your e-mail address and other contact information.

Information Use

We primarily use your data to provide anonymous consumer analytics to Yoover.com clients. These analytics typically include details on consumer behaviors and attitudes. We also use this data to develop criteria to help us target advertisements to you and other users that are similar to you on Facebook. This is generally done using our proprietary algorithms that compare your demographics, attitudes and behaviors with other consumers that are similar to you (ie they may also share your many of your Likes on Facebook or answer survey questions in the same way). We may also use your data to better understand how you engage with Yoover.com Properties, our clients and other third parties on various platforms including Facebook.

Your data may also be used to contact you for various promotions and to provide information about or customize your services provided by Yoover.com Properties.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We may share personal information about you under the following circumstances:

At Your Request

During registration and at other times as you use our services, you may be asked a series of questions designed to ascertain your interest in products or services that advertise through Yoover.com. If you express a desire (through your clear and affirmative consent) to learn more about an offer or service advertised through Yoover.com or to participate in an offer or service advertised through a Yoover.com website or social application, we may pass your information along to the entity in whom you have interest.

In Conjunction With a Transaction

We may share your personal and demographic information with another company if you engage in a transaction through a Yoover.com website or through one of our services. Often information may be provided to third-party advertisers when we link you to their offer. This practice is known as "pre-population" so that you do not have to re-enter information on the advertiser website.

To Fulfillment Providers

We may share your personal information with another company if you engage in a transaction through Yoover.com. For example we may sell products that are fulfilled by drop shipment from a manufacturer or retailer partner. In these situations your information will be provided to the partner to fulfill your order.


We sometimes disclose the information we collect to companies that operate various services for us such as email distribution or certain product functionalities. These vendors have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, and may not share it with others or use it for any other purpose.

Subsidiaries, Parent or Sister Companies

We may share personal and demographic information about you with our subsidiaries, parent company, or sister companies.

As Permitted by Law

We may be required to share your personal information with law enforcement or government agencies in response to subpoenas, court orders, federal/state audits or similar circumstances. We believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of Yoover.com's Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by law.

Business Transfer

As with any other business, it is possible that Yoover.com in the future could merge with or be acquired by another company. If such an acquisition occurs, the successor company would have access to the information maintained by Yoover.com, including your personal information, customer and business account information, but would continue to be bound by this policy unless you consent otherwise.

User Tracking


To improve the speed and quality of our services, we use "cookies" technology. Cookies are small bits of code, usually stored on a user's computer hard drive, which enable a website to "personalize" itself for each user. We generally use cookies to reduce the time it takes for pages to load on your computer and to assist with user tracking. User tracking (or "click-stream") data collected by us is used to optimize your experience by learning whether or not you successfully used one of the Yoover.com websites or social applications. Cookies may be tied to your personal information. Additionally, we may capture click-stream data on some of our partner's websites, limited to the activity involved with the completion of offers listed on our website. This information is used to monitor the performance of our partners.

Advertisements and Third-Party Ad Servers

You may receive advertisements for the Yoover.com family of web properties from third parties. For instance, when visiting a third-party website, you may receive a "pop up" window advertising a Yoover.com site. Please note that such advertisements are served by the third-party website that you have visited and are not controlled by Yoover.com. In addition, such advertisements may be placed by third-party ad servers or ad networks. These companies may employ cookies and action tags to measure advertising effectiveness. You may find more information at the website of the individual ad network.

IP Addresses and Unique Third-Party Identifiers

We also keep track of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and some Third-Party Identifiers (including Facebook IDs). An IP address is a number that is used by computers on the network to identify your computer every time you log on to the Internet. A unique third-party identifier is an ID third parties use to optimize the user experience for individual users.

Aggregation for optimization

We will use a combination of some or all of the methods listed above to create user data profiles which are analyzed, compared and aggregated for our use to optimize the design, implementation, and management of the web properties owned or operated by Yoover.com, our subsidiaries, parent company, and sister companies and the web properties owned or operated by clients of Yoover.com, our subsidiaries, parent company, and sister companies. This optimization service may be offered to outside entities for a fee as part of a service offering or as a stand-alone product. No personally identifiable information will be transferred to third parties without your affirmative consent. This is only for our website and not for our email or communication system.

Third Party Links

This privacy policy applies to all information that you provide to Yoover.com. However, when you visit websites to which Yoover.com links, keep in mind you will be interacting with a third party that operates under its own privacy and security policy. If you choose to obtain services through a third-party site, the data collected by the third party is governed by that third party's privacy policy. A third-party site will also have its own policy regarding the use of cookies and clear gifs. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any other service provider from whom you request services.


In some cases, we may use third parties to operate portions of the Yoover.com family of websites and social applications. Although the particular section of the website or social application may have a similar appearance to a Yoover.com website or social application, information submitted through these outside third parties are subject to that company's privacy policy unless otherwise stated.

A Special Note about Children's Privacy

You must be at least 18 years old to use this website. We do not knowingly collect, use or disclose personal information about visitors under 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, you can use the services offered on our website only in conjunction with your parents or guardians. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

Removing Your Information

Some federal and state regulations may require that we maintain all information (including your personal information) for various time periods. In order to comply with these regulations, we may not be able to delete your information from our database.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about our privacy policy, you may contact us by sending an email to PRIVACY at YOOVER.COM.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Yoover.com may update or modify this privacy policy from time to time. If there are material changes to this privacy policy or in how Yoover.com will use your personal information, we will post such changes here.

By using the Yoover.com family of websites and social applications, you signify your acceptance of the Yoover.com privacy policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use any of the Yoover.com websites or social applications. We reserve the right to make changes in this policy at any time. Please check the policy each time you use our website to ensure you are aware of any changes in our privacy practices. Our privacy policy will indicate the date it was last updated. Your continued use of our site will signify your acceptance of the changes to our privacy policy.

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