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All You Want To Know About Us

Yoover.com is the only communications system built for American citizens concerned about their privacy, sovereignty and security.

We developed the system using the best available tools and computer code out there and making it secured, private and robust.

Email and real-time chat are the most important tools the Internet has given us. We use them every day. We share information, news, pictures, videos, feelings and more. Messages are sent and received almost flawlessly, and instantaneously but unfortunately, not only by the intended recipients.

The weak privacy laws that regulate electronic communications are easily circumvented by the companies that offer free email and chat services.� By agreeing to have a “free” account, they have the right to open, read and use all communications traveling through their networks as they please. As the matter of fact, they “own” your written words, pictures, videos, & privacy. Carefully read their huge agreements and see what else they can do with your information.

What was once private communication has turned into an open stream for companies and organizations to listen to us.

Also, our fears are now confirmed, the government is listening, harvesting our words, and measuring our sentiment as well. They are able to know where and when and at what time we are meeting and why. All for their purposes and not ours.

The leading companies in the digital, social media and cellular communications like; Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, ATT and others have been “forced” to open up their systems and hand out the keys to the servers that hold our information and our daily communications to the government.

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How Was Yoover.com Built?

Yoover.com is the only communications system built for American citizens concerned about their privacy, sovereignty and security. Our focus is privacy.

  • We built everything including our proprietary private software and infrastructure. All the technology is owned ENTIRELY by the company to protect our users. Free email or chat applications make money by selling your personal information to advertisers and analyzing your online behaviors and selling that knowledge to advertisers, political parties, entities and others that need to know your "sentiments".

    The best way to make the system secure is keep the infrastructure in private hands and as far from U.S. government control as possible. We own our servers and have strategically located them.

    We are building Yoover.com from scratch and using with proven methods, technologies and programming languages, but with privacy, security and freedom as a first priority.

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